The Snowflake test: basically, bringing the Tactical Key to the office. But why the office? Because we have a budding population of overly scared people there who would freak out at the sight of a Victorinox. One time an engineer panicked at my aggressive and cruel looking Opinel no.

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The discovery of iolite gems at was followed by discoveries at, Sherman and Ragged Top Mountain, and Owen Creek. These latter deposits were and predicted to exist based on favorable geology (Hausel and Sutherland, 2000). And it is very likely other iolite and ruby deposits remain to be found in this region.

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We are supposed to go to Washington I don’t know if I’m going on Monday. We’ll see if I get an agenda and everything. I just don’t want to hang around to kiss somebody’s butt, it doesn’t matter who it is. HDMI port? Definitely yes. SD Card Reader? Yes. You may have to pick a notebook larger than a 13″ ultrabook.

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