If it is a stroke, you don’t have time to wait. Quick treatment can save your life and help prevent long term problems. If it turns out to just be an MS relapse, that’s important for your doctor to know, too. “He gives us depth at a number of positions, he a very good centre and he played wing and fullback as well. “His goal kicking ability is the added bonus on top of everything else he offers.” Kahu made 95 appearance for the Broncos in six seasons, scoring 42 tries. He offers the Cowboys a goal kicking option following the retirement of Johnathan Thurston, booting 145 goals from 188 attempts at 77 per cent over the course of his career.

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Peggy enjoys working with the students, faculty, and staff at CSU, Chico. A 1992 graduate of CSU, Chico with a bachelor of arts in sociology, and a minor in business administration, Peggy can relate to the student environment. Peggy worked as a student assistant in the College of Communication which introduced her to communication and working on campus, (1/85 She enjoyed the job so much, that she ended up being the clerical assistant in the Information and Communication Studies Department (8/87 In August 1989 she obtained her current position..

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