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In 1974, a federal judge in Tacoma, Wash., issued a landmark ruling that upheld the fishing rights reserved to Pacific Northwest Indian tribes by several 19th century treaties. Reaction to the decision, which threatened non Indian fishing interests, was fierce. Protesters burned the judge in effigy, and the state government engaged in protracted, systematic defiance of the court order.

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Julie Dolan, a 65 year old retiree in Sandwich, has asthma. Her husband has high blood pressure. Dolan doubts her substandard home internet could manage a remote medical appointment, and these days no one wants to visit the doctor if they can help it.

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We also may be heading into the next one, and EO Wilson lays out a pretty good case for that. A bottleneck reduces the genetic variation in a species, for the rapid reduction in a population culls out many variations. It is also unclear whether this is a selection that enhances that species.