In order of providing a complete service for all sorts of mobile phones malfunctions and damages, Halo Halo also provides different types of:

  • hardware repairs, including battery issues – damaged mains charger, expired battery or damaged internal charging block can cause certain charging issues and include detailed inspection and a proper solution for the problem or keypad issues -regardless of whether your phone keypads need cleaning, repair or complete replacement simply because they are worn out or out of date, you have come to the right place;
  • software repairs – if your phone is showing different signs of malfunction such as switching on and off or selecting options on its own, running slowly or buttons not functioning, you are most likely experiencing some phone software problems that can be successfully solved with software repair, replacement or upgrade;
  • data recovery – if your precious memories and personal data seem lost due to the phone malfunctioning or some nasty virus, just contact us and make sure your priceless personal information is safe and sound.